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Would You Rather Be Right Or Happy?

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     How often do we hold on to a grudge? How often do we fight because we know we are right? Even if we are, is it worth it? Well, that depends. How important is it? In order to maintain one's sanity in our often contentious world, this is a very useful phrase to keep in mind. There isn't a relationship where it doesn't apply. To apply this concept, it takes a lot of self-reflection. It might require amends. But we all deserve to be happy. Life is short. That said, this is a tough lesson to learn and it takes constant vigilance. Let this dry erase board act as a constant reminder to put your serenity, joy, and love first.

    These products are meant to be functional while also serving a deeper purpose. Use them for prayer boards, vision boards, notes to self, or teaching tools while homeschooling. My hope is that they act as gentle reminders of gratitude, wisdom, and compassion for ourselves, our children, and Our Collective Humanity.

    The dry erase boards are mounted on styrene, a fairly rigid, but lightweight material.

    They come with a black dry erase pen and holder along with magnets (for refrigerator display) and double-sided sticky squares for wall mounting. 


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