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"Put Your Ass Where Your Hearts Wants To Be" Steven Pressfield "What You Seek Is Seeking You." Rumi

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    "Put your ass where your heart wants to be." Steven Pressfield
    "What you seek is seeking you."  Rumi
    If we want something we need to do what we need to do to get it. If it's addiction recovery we need to find a program that works for us. If it's relationship issues we need a plan to make better choices. If it's a business goal we need to do the work. There is no substitute for showing up and doing that work. Sometimes just showing up is all that we can do. We need to be where we are and be patient with ourselves. But as Rumi so wisely implies, our recovery, our book, our creativity, our loves, our happiness may be seeking us. We just need to show up one day at a time. 
    Each Recovery Board comes with a downloadable Recovery Board Guide Ebook at checkout. 
    The dry erase boards are 18in x 12in, mounted on styrene, a fairly rigid, but lightweight material. They come with a black dry erase pen and holder along with magnets (for refrigerator display) and double-sided sticky squares for wall mounting. 

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