Hey Everyone. This is all new to me and I’m trying to anticipate your questions. I’m learning as I go and I’m sure this list will to continue to grow in time! Feel free to email with any questions or concerns.
Return Policy - Each art piece is made to order at my labs in the US. My Fine Art Prints, Vivid Metals, and Artboards are from one lab and the Acrylics are from another. There may be some inherent imperfections in the process. That’s normal. If your artwork is damaged in any way please contact me and I would be happy to replace or refund once I receive the item in its original packaging. At this time there are no exchanges.
The Dry Erase Artboards are mounted on styrene, which is a hard dark plastic. They come with a black dry erase marker and adhesive strips for hanging. Personally, I use mine at my desk and then lean against the wall. They are light, easy to erase, and perfect for daily use. 
Both the Acrylic and Metal Wall Art Images are come ready to hang. The hanging cleats on the back that make hanging simple.
The Fine Art Metallic Prints are coated and mounted on double mat board. The prints are archival and the colors are brilliant. The mounting and coating makes them sturdy and durable and does not require framing, although it’s recommended. The pricing reflects this high quality finished product.
If you would like to order grid, 6 images grid, please contact me and I will provide a 10% discount on the total order. Grids of 8 to 12 images will come with a 20% discount. 
Charitable Donations - All of the foundations I chose have the highest rating on Charity Navigator. I will from time to time change them up. If you would like to suggest a charity feel free to email me. Unfortunately I can only list 6 charities at this time. The money is donated directly through the app at checkout.