About Lisa

I'm Lisa Nalven, and I'm a macro-view flower photographer, a portrait and travel photographer, and a dedicated photo philanthropist.

 I create photo essays to elicit empathy, love, and compassion.

I capture love on life's terms, as life can be messy. Whether I'm photographing sick children, the elderly, the differently-abled, or the disadvantaged there is always love and beauty to capture. That's been my passion.

Things change. Pandemics happen. And now...

Welcome to my new Our Collective Humanity Shop.

I grew up in a bar/restaurant/nightclub owned and operated by my family in NYC. Along with my mother’s infectious kindness, this gave me the skills to talk and connect with all sorts from all walks of life. And for the record, this was the late 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. It was quite an education.

 Way back when, I became a professional modern dancer in NYC. I toured the world in two major companies. My wanderlust was piqued and I was enthralled by different cultures and the sameness of our humanity.

 I picked up a camera and learned to choreograph an image. As my dance career wound down, another geared up.

 As I continue to evolve so does my work. I've created wall art with inspirational quotes to elicit a feeling of presence and serenity. I've crafted dry erase boards for intention setting and affirmations. This evolution of my work developed organically, as it is an extension of who I am, a lifelong seeker.

And now with a donation app I can continue to give back, something that I must always do. For this, I am deeply grateful.