The People of Bali are What Make it Great

“Put your ass where your heart wants to be” – Steven Pressfield – The War of Art
Bali hosts a vast spiritual culture embraced by us western seekers. There are endless retreats, spas, and Ayurvedic centers. One can get massages, see spiritual healers, dance ecstatic, meditate in a pyramid and do all sorts of yoga.
While in Bali, I visited The Green School, which is dedicated to educating our green leaders of the future. The Green School is a K-12 school in the jungle, built of bamboo structures with no walls. There are camps for adults and families where you can learn all things environmental. On the property is the Kul Kul Farm that teaches conscious farming and permaculture. 
 I was also fascinated by the endless ceremonies that bring out entire villages on a regular basis. Birth, cremation, and other auspicious occasions are all opportunities for prayer and celebration. Every morning, everywhere are offerings made of frangipani petals, incense, bamboo, and rice. This commitment to ritual is quite remarkable. I think this is how the people of Bali maintain their culture and a deep sense of community even with the onslaught of western tourists.This may also be why they are so gracious and friendly. Their beauty, spirituality, smiles and simple kindness will absolutely bring me back to Bali soon!
While in Bali, the Scholars for Sustenance arranged for me to visit and photograph at Pantai Asuhan Semara Putra Orphanage in Klungkang. I was in my niche photographing the kids, and they LOVED getting their portraits in print right away. I loved making that happen. 

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